Summer - Paddles

   Looking for the right paddle? Mount Kirby has a large selection of Kayak, Canoe and SUP paddles to suit your needs on the water. From basic aluminum kayak paddles to lightwieght carbon fibre touring paddles. Our staff has the knowledge to fit you with the right paddle for your kayak, canoe or SUP


Bending Branches Sunrise Fibreglass Paddle $109

   The Sunrise Glass recreational kayak paddle by Bending Branches balances it all: performance, comfort, and style.

   The Sunrise Glass has polypropylene blades that pull through the water smoothly. Its shaft is rugged, yet
lightweight fiberglass, which provides both comfort and warmth in a tight fitting two-piece snap button ferrule. The high-vis green or yellow blades look great and will ensure you’re easily seen when out on the water.

   The Sunrise Glass comes with a snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule that is adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, L or R. This paddle is available in lengths from 210cm to 240cm, in 10cm increments.