Summer - Canoes

Here at Mount Kirby you can find all the best in canoes and canoeing accessories. We Carry Canoes from Nova Craft, Mad River Canoe and Old Town. We carry paddles from Bending Branches and Red Tail. Lifejackets & PFD's  from Salus and Naya. Canoe accesories from Harmony, Fox 40, Level six, Malone and NRS. Our Staff can Help you find the right gear to make your time on the water fun and enjoyable!


Mad River Adventure 14 ft $919

Material :Rotomolded Polyethelyne  Weight: 75 lbs  Capacity : 875 lbs 

Mad River Journey 15.6 ft $1209

Material: Triple Tuff Polyethelyne  Weight: 83lbs  Capacity: 1,100 lbs


Nova Craft Bob Special 15ft Fibreglass $1499 Tuffstuff(Basalt Innegra) $2579

 Material: Fibreglass  Weight: 57lbs  Capacity: 800lbs

Material: Tuffstuff  Weight: 49lbs  Capacity: 800lbs


Nova Craft Pal 16ft Tuffstuff (Basalt Innegra) $2749 sold out

Material: Tuffstuff   Weight:53lbs   Capacity:800lbs 


Nova Craft Prospector 15ft Fibreglass $1559 Tuffstuff (Basalt Innegra) $2639

Material: Fibreglass  Weight: 62lbs  Capacity: 850lbs

Material: Tuffstuff  Weight: 52lbs  Capacity: 850lbs

Nova Craft Prospector 16ft Fibreglass $1599 Aramid $3109 (sold Out) can special order

Material: Fibreglass  Weight: 66lbs  Capacity: 1000 lbs

Material: Aramid  Weight: 54lbs  Capacity: 1000lbs

Nova Craft Fox 14' Solo Aramid w/ skid plates $2739

Material: Aramid   Weight: 36lbs  Capacity: 550lbs

Old Town Saranac 146 $875 sold out

Material: Polyethylene  Weight:79lbs  Capacity: 750lbs

Old Town Saranac 160 $999 sold out

Material: Polyethylene   Weight: 89lbs  Capacity: 850lbs

Old Town Discovery 133 $1249

Material: Polyethylene  Weight: 78lbs  Capacity: 800lbs

Old Town Next 13 $1249

Material: Polyethylene  Weight: 59lbs  Capacity: 450lbs

*Colours shown on Website may not be in-stock in-store